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Save custom CTA styles as named options

May we have the ability to save button styles as a named option? If we create a few custom buttons and ask people to clone them, that’s not nearly as convenient for staff as using named styles. Plus the button previews are small and no so easy to distinguish from each other, so it’s not easy for people to click on existing custom buttons to clone.

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Suggested by Joe W

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HubSpot Employee

I would like to second this request. It would be really nice to create a custom option that matches our branding so Product CTAs match all of the other buttons on our website and are easier for users to implement. 

In addition to the points above, having a pre-set style would allow us to set a button style and then change that style later and have it cascade through all of the CTAs currently using it. With CSS classes, we will need to ensure that the class styles are always present on any page that uses a CTA, leaving room for potential error. With specific CSS styles, changes would have to take place in each individual CTA. This feature would really help brands maintain a consistent visual branding across their websites.