Save and Reuse Layout segments vs. Clone whole email

Adding a "SAVE LAYOUT" button to store a specific layout with content would be immensely helpful to be able to keep emails fresh and also to re-use / update content and would be MUCH more useful than CLONE.


I have 15 Layout Segments that I want to re-use 2-3 at a time to keep emails fresh without having to recreate them every time. 



We typically send 3 types of marketing emails, and each is comprised of 2 - 6 "layout segments" for things like "sell us your equipment" or "Watch this video" or "here are 6 big companies we work with."


All told, we have about 15 "layout segments" that we use and re-use.  It would be great to be able to create one and save it so I can pull it into another email without having to re-create it. 


CLONE let's me copy a whole email, but sometimes I just want to re-use a really great "Layout Segment" in another email that's different. 


Add a "SAVE LAYOUT" button hereAdd a "SAVE LAYOUT" button hereLayout Segment exampleLayout Segment example