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Save & Don't Send Meeting Updated

Hey Guys, 


We've seen that if we go back and update a Meeting Activity, even if it's the "Team Notes", HubSpot will ALWAYS send an updated meeting invite to the Contact. There is no way to stop this. 


It'd be awesome if there was a "Save & Don't Resend Invite" button so that if we are just updating the Team notes (Internal) the attendees don't get an "Updated Invite" out of the blue.



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Upvoted - need this implemented 


Great idea - we need that! It's happened to us a few times where all clients have received updated meeting requests. It doesn't come across very professional.


Agree this is 100% needed - you can't even update the meeting outcome to completed without sending the update to the attendee. 


Yes, please, por favor, bitte, proszę, vaer sa snill.... 🙏🏼 It's URGENT!


This is a problem for us as well as we use logged meetings to track when sales demos happen. Sometimes we change the date for internal tracking purposes, but don't want the update sent to the customer. I don't see why this needs to be sent to the customer ever- what's the purpose?


This has caused some issues for us. We're trying to actively track meeting activity, so we often need to update the meeting times and notes. However, I don't see why the recipients need to be notified of these updates, as it causes confusion and often results in follow-up messages to verify if there was an error.