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Save 'Team filter' View in Contact/Company Record's Timeline Activity Filters

Currently, one can select the timeline activity on a company record to filter the activities related to specific teams which is great. However, if one refreshes the page or goes to another record, the user would have to re-apply the same filter for each company record which slows the user down. 


Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 1.36.24 AM.png


Having a "savable" filter view will be great - similar to how activity filters are retained when navigating across different records. Ideally, a customizable filter configuration view across all contact records, company records, deal records and ticket records will be great. 

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Since there isn't a solution for this problem:


This will be a workaround....


Yes, can we make the filters for Users and Teams sticky like the other activity filters!


Yes, making deal and company activity filters sticky (such as the teams filter)  for the user would be very helpful hopping from deal to deal or company to company.


This would be a great feature. Make the users / teams filter sticky!


What would be even beter is if filter views where linked to global team permissions so you can set these filters in permissions so specific activities can be hidden for some teams like a management team who may discuss sensitive issues with a contact which they may not want line staff to see but other management members can see or if you use external consultants and you want them to see contacts and their info but hide some activities