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Save Sales Email as a Template while in contact record

Add the ability to edit or save the sales email templates while working in the contact record and sending an email. Currently, I have to copy the email I am writing to a contact then go to sales templates, paste and then save that as a template. Would be nice to make the customizations in the record and then be able to stay in my queue to use the same template on the next contact. 

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You can easily save an email that you write in Gmail as a HubSpot email template by using the Sales plug-in for Gmail by clicking the SAVE button on an email that you just sent (very helpful by the way). Here's an article detailing how it works:


However, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this when you send an email from within HubSpot. That seems like an oversight.


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I do remember this being a function when we first started using hubspot, but if I remember correctly, it only prompted you to save as a template if you copy/pasted info into the body of the email.

I do agree that this would streamline the template creation process.

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Hey @garinhess

You can save an email sent from within HubSpot as a template if you head to your mail client's "Sent folder" as any email you send from within HubSpot from that email address should appear there. As of right now, we don't have a way to "save as template" from within HubSpot, so I'll keep this idea open for that feature request!


I also would really appreciate this feature. I assumed it was already there and was looking for it, but support told me it doesn't exist yet.