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Save Drag and Drop Emails as Custom Templates

Our clients love the simplicity and depth of the new drag and drop email builder. That said, we can only save official email "templates" within the HubSpot portal if we use the older custom builder. 


This creates an issue when we're trying to set up a portal with re-usable templates that don't take advantage of the new, easier to use drag and drop builder. 


It'd be great if HubSpot would do two things: 

  1. Allow users to save drag and drop emails as re-usable templates in the email gallery
  2. Allow users to convert custom built emails from the custom builder into drag and drop builder. At the very least maybe allow developer to desginate areas within a custom email to allow for drag and drop functionality. 

Thank you! 

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I totally agree with point 2 as that's a functionality that's making a big gab at the moment between the 2 different options. We need to have the advantages of the 2 worlds together.