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What I would like to see is the ability to copy my entire HubSpot environment from a production to a sandbox environment.  It would also be helpful if there was a way to move changes from HubSpot Sandbox to HubSpot Production.


We have data synchronizaiton processes between HubSpot and D365 which we should be able to test against a copy of our HubSpot production data but in a non production environment.


We require our Marketing group to create all workflows in Sandbox and test before 'moving' to production.  Currently, the only way to 'move' to production is to recreate the workflow in production which defeats the purpose of creating/testing in Sandbox.  There should be an export/import process for most component of HubSpot, workflows, fields, picklist values, lists/list filters, and so on.





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Definite need to copy over Business Units to Sandbox environment in order to see the effect of changes in that department!


Would love to have the ability to replicate specific (or all) pages, modules, and assets to our sandbox. Having to recreate this from scratch in the sandbox is a pain.


It would be great if we could sync/copy pages and HubDB tables/records from production to the sandbox. We utilize the HubDB for many modules throughout our site, so it would be nice to have a sandbox to use for development rather than interfering with the production database.


At a minimum - can you change the Sandbox DB to allow UIDs (Company ID, Contact ID, Deal ID) to be inserted so that we can specify the value and replicate the relationships we have in Production.  I am shocked that no one from HubSpot has chimed in on this issue.  Having a sandbox but no way to populate with a copy of Production data renders is almost useless and your customers should have to pay $500 for a tool to do a one-time migration.  

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@EHooijer A third party solution is now available -- the HubSpot Sandbox Migrator.  This app provides a comprehensive solution for migrating CRM data from your HubSpot production environment into a sandbox.


The HubSpot Sandbox Migrator tool updates the destination sandbox so that it does not create duplicate contacts and minimizes the amount of duplicate data elsewhere. This app offers unlimited and concurrent runs from a production portal to a sandbox and the tables being migrated can be customized. The default tables being synchronized are:


– Owners

– Custom Properties for all Objects
– Tickets
– Deals
– Line Items/Products
– Contacts (Limited to 100k due to HubSpot limitations)
– Companies
– Files/Attachments
– Lists
– Associations between all records
– Engagements (Meetings, tasks, Notes, Calls, emails)

The service uses (SSL/TLS) encryption at all times while data is “in transit” to and from HubSpot, so the data remains secure. The app does not store any of data aside from the secure tokens required to migrate your HubSpot data. Those tokens are destroyed after the migration is completed. In addition, this application is GDPR Compliant and hosted in the EU.


Documentation explaining how the tool works is available here: