What I would like to see is the ability to copy my entire HubSpot environment from a production to a sandbox environment.  It would also be helpful if there was a way to move changes from HubSpot Sandbox to HubSpot Production.


We have data synchronizaiton processes between HubSpot and D365 which we should be able to test against a copy of our HubSpot production data but in a non production environment.


We require our Marketing group to create all workflows in Sandbox and test before 'moving' to production.  Currently, the only way to 'move' to production is to recreate the workflow in production which defeats the purpose of creating/testing in Sandbox.  There should be an export/import process for most component of HubSpot, workflows, fields, picklist values, lists/list filters, and so on.





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100% need this 🙂 


We're setting up the Salesforce / Hubspot integration and I find it very surprising we have to test this on our actual Hubspot environment. Being able to copy this to a sandbox environment would be an absolute game changer!

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We absolutely need to be able to test changes to the database without negatively impacting. 


We're making some changes to the sync list for Salesforce and need to make sure it goes smoothly so that hundreds of leads don't get pushed into Salesforce before we're ready.

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We built a software tool for our internal use with HubSpot.

Here's what we can do to help.


HubSpot Portal Replicator 


While not perfect / our only constraints are in what HubSpot locks down. Example - we can't copy your email templates.

This allows you to push your customized Portal to a Dev account, make modifications in Dev, then push back to the live environment.


If you want to give it a go to test it out,


We need this too! Smiley Happy


We would like this as well.

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If you want to use this tool, it's available. 


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We have a solution built that copies all custom fields, properties, workflows, etc. so we push to the dev environment. From here, you can modify Dev (get it right) and then push back to production.


We use this internally all the time and have done this for a few HubSpot partners and databases. Some with hundreds of workflows and fields.


We need this too. It's strange to me that this is not available in the product already, as it's common sense not to mess around with integrations or data manipulations on a larger scale in a production environment.


It should be a must have for a CRM tool, or at least key content like properties, workflow, etc.


I have an integration I want to test but have to create the 50+ fields in the test account first and multiple workflows.  I would like an "export to test account" button that copies at least all of my properties and settings - without contact data - so I can test new features. I understand I can first create in a test account then move into production, and then make sure I'm extending the expiration for my test account at least every 90-180 days. But the initial set up seems tedious. 


Just echoing the sentiments of others here - fluid transition between a development and live environment is essential. As it stands right now, it is still such a headache to move between the two that I just build and test live as best as I am able.

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Absolutely need this!

When I create a developer account I need to recreate all my properties, pipelines, filters and others. This make inviable to test new features in a safe environment without affecting my production CRM.


We really need a Hubspot test(sandbox) environment especially for our salesforce integration efforts.

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Our software copies your custom fields, workflows, pipelines, etc from Production to Dev Portal.

It takes about 5 minutes to run this.


Quick call meeting link.


Agreed! HubSpot has the option to create a Test Account, which is nice, but it would be great to be able to copy over data and test and then push live to production, similar to web development processes. I understand there will be some nuances with not wanting to execute actions on production data when copied over, but would be helpful to have something like this!


Will be really helpful to have such a feature.

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This is essential, especially as HubSpot moves upmarket with Enterprise features!


How this isn't already a feature is surprising to me. Definitely needed for any kind of integration testing & updates.


Share the sentiments listed above. We are deploying Hubspot as our Global CRM system and without a copy of the prod environment is very difficult to make changes and test without it affecting business.  Please Hubspot this HAS to be a consideration for CRM Product.