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Sandbox portal limitations / ability replicate portal / migrate "Hubs" from dev to live portal.


As diamond agency doing a decent amount of developments that include API's an inability to create a save staging environment to test and get client signoff on new features setup is very problematic. This is a core feature that adds additional cost to our customers for no reason.


Alternatively, while we can use the dev environment, the inability to replicate data from the live portal into it for testing purposes makes the whole setup very tedious (manual creation of all custom fields, settings etc.) 


Lastly once developed we are missing an easy way to migrate (templates and settings, data not necessary) back to a live portal.
As a nice to have feature - for a client that is being upsold in the specific hub -  the ability to copy a specific hub over from dev to a live portal would be great.


Both options would make HS safer and more convenient to develop in, especially with the new Ops Hub being available now.

At the bare minimum: Please either implement staging environment or the ability to replicate entire HS between dev and live portal.


Update: basic Sandbox feature has been released for Enterprise customers:

There is a closed beta allowing copies of workflows from a live portal to HS sandbox that slightly improves the functionality. 

Unfortunately,  this is still just one-directional: Live to a sandbox. We need a way to copy changes back as well. A similar release feature as with website staging would be great.

Also, we still can't test automated nurture since sandbox does not allow sending of marketing emails at all. (Would be great if HS allows at least HS users.)

This is a step in the right direction, but much work needs to be done.

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Member | Diamond Partner

I agree 100% with the statement above.  In order for HubSpot to become an enterprise-class environment, they must provide a way for developers to develop against a clone of live data and then migrate changes from a development environment to a live production environment.


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I can't believe there isn't an easy way to move the sandbox to the live environment. It is painful to recreate the sandbox in the production environment. 


Definitely agree that this functionality would take HubSpot to the next level.  With all these new tools like Operations Hub, a way to test is great, but a way to push what you're testing to production is the golden ticket that makes HubSpot more usable, and thus happier customers who stay longer!  Please please add this to the roadmap! 

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Definitely highly needed.