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Same visual representation options for Prices in Quotes as in the Products section

Since we're a SaaS company working with both monthly and annual offerings when creating a new quote what we'd like to do is show the monthly prices in the products section of the quote but since the term involved is for 12 months we'd like to show the total cost in the bottom line.


For this purpose in the products section the unit prices are input as monthly recurring and the term length is set to 1 year.


This way we have the possibility to toggle between monthly and annual total in the products section of the deal but the same feature isn't illustrated as such for quotes. The total only updates based on the period for which the product duration/term had been set. This can cause confusion for our customers. Currently one workaround is setting the product terms as annual, but that makes our prices less transparent.


Would be nice if the same visual representations which are already present in the Products section of HS are available in Quotes as well.

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We are having the same issue. 


I completely agree and this is what I want to as a software sales company. Please add a setting in the product and quotes section to enable this.


Here is an example:

Show line item as monthly, but show subtotal as annual priceShow line item as monthly, but show subtotal as annual price


AS we are A SAAS based Product company as well, we are facing the exact same ISssue. 


Please create a story for this in order to fix. 


You (and we) need this in order to support the Saas Businesses


Thanks LAurens 


Completely agree. This is a major issue for us and stopping us using the quote functionality. This means additonal work for our team. I've logged with support and had this explained as a feature, but I see it as a bug. The quote should display what is created in the products section.


I completly agree, surly the quote documentaiton should just display the price as built in the product section. To me this is a bug. We are also a SASS company and this element is prohibiting us from using the quotes functionalty.


Any updates on this? We are a MSSP and we also need to display the monthly and total lenght prices in our quotes.  


This is HUGE. As a SaaS company, we have monthly recurring & annual recurring charges and this total does nothing but create questions and confusion. At least let us remove it if we cannot have it display an annual investment.