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Please make it possible to sync all properties from Hubspot to Salesloft, including notes, call history etc.


In addition, it is not possible to sync multiple emails per contact. ONLY multiple phone numbers. This also needs to be improved asap. 


These things will add a lot of value to the system if Hubspot wants to be a leader in the CRM world. 

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+ being able to update and sync record owners between the two more easily


+ being able to automatically update opportunities' status from Hubspot to Salesloft


I second all of this.  


Quick question - How are you syncing between SL and HS?  Do you have all contacts sync both ways?  If not, what have you found as the most logical filter/field to sync on?  Feels so limited.   I'm trying to make it easy for my sales team to add leads from HS to SL but the only thing i've come up with is having them add people to a list that will sync them over.   This whole things is just really clunky.  

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+1 for this idea. Rumour has it that there is an update coming to the API that will make it possible to sync owners. We need this so badly. 


Salesloft Employee here, our customers experience a ton of pain trying to solve these issues with automation in Salesloft. Ownership and Stages are two properties that seem the most important based on the customers who have enabled this so far.


Another vote for copying more data across, having to check notes in HubSpot breaks the workflow in SL

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Ownership sync has been implemented in the field mappings + Activity sync is also available through Salesloft's own sync towards HubSpot!


Hi Team,

The logged emails from salesloft are synced only in contact level at hubspot and not at company level which inturn causes issues with last activty date update in hubspot. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue?