Salesforce Event Page for Meetings (customization)

I am a sales ops analyst. My company has recently migrated from Salesforce to Hubspot. We used the Events page in SF for our meetings. The events page is highly customizable. We added several fields to identify things like meeting type, meeting source, meeting outcome, pre meeting qualification fields and post qualification notes. 


Hubspot meetings are not as robust. You can really only add a subject, select time, attendees and add some notes. There isn't much of a difference between a meeting and a general task/note in Hubspot. And you can't report or create views on meetings. 


My company has been using a google sheet as a temporary band aid fix, but obviously there are problems with this. This would be an excellent CRM feature that our company, and I'm sure many others, would benefit from. 


Has anyone created an in house solution, or know of a possible substitue for a customizable page like Salesforce events?

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