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using sales workflows - enrollment criteria - deal properties based on dates, they're more limited than contact properties based on dates.  In contacts properties base on dates like on the screenshot below there two triggers: is more than, is less than. And those 2 triggers are missing if we choose any enrollment trigger from Deal Properties base on dates. Will be great if Hubspot will allow the same two triggers in Deal Properties based on dates. For example, I created a custom field on a deal about Subscriptions ends date (we're SaaS company) and want to create a task for our sales people that will remind them to check this deal 1 week before Subscription end date - but this is only an example, see other things can do with deals based workflows about that. (as one customer can have in our case multiple subscriptions, moving the custom field about subscription end date to Contact property will not work), so the best will be to allow this triggers in workflows for Deal Properties based on dates.


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Hi @Peter-marketing  This is great feedback for our dev team. I'm not sure if there is an engineering reason th prevents us from including those options on deal enrollment triggers, or some other reason they were not included. Regardless, I'm going to move this to our ideas forum for further comment. 


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It's the same with some company properties. For example, we're using the property last contacted to trigger an action if it's been more than 3 days since a contact was last contacted. However, in some cases somebody else at the same company has been contacted so we want to check the same property on the company property and there we don't have the more/less than options. Is there a reason why date properties are treated differently on contact vs company/deal objects?


Compare the two:

contact.pngContact property (with more/less than filters)company.pngCompany property (without more/less than filters)

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I also think that I would be a great idea to include those two triggers (is more than, is less than) in the deals dates.

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I would like to be able to trigger emails based on a date-based deal property (like a payment due date, or event date).


I'd also like to be able to schedule tasks within the deal workflow based on a fixed date within the deal, rather than solely due to changing a deal stage.


My client is a travel company that books trips, and we'd like to send payment reminders based on the travel date in the deal record. We can't do this with contact record because there could be multiple deals per contact with different dates.

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To all people interested in getting this fixed, please Upvote the Master Idea below.
There were 15+ ideas on the forum related to date-filters, each being relatively small and describing one or two issues. That made this unlikely to be prioritized by Hubspot. In an attempt to accelerate this, we've made a complete analysis of what's missing and what Hubspot needs to develop. We created one holistic Master Idea aimed at describing the entire issue and collecting all Upvotes. Please vote on this idea now:
Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]