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I would love the ability to hide certain sales tools from our team. For example, we want our sales team to start using the tools available, but we do not want them to use sequences. I'd love to be able to take that right off the menu so it's not even an option for them to view. 

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Hey @jennhh thanks for the feedback. I can confirm that user management in HubSpot has been completely rebuilt. There are a number of meaningful improvements currently in beta, and this also sets us up for more improvements down the road. In the CRM, you’ll soon have team-based options for both view filters and contact permissions.


This is currently in closed beta, but stay tuned to this thread on updates for when it goes live Smiley Happy

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I am currently in the beta and loving it!! I still want the ability to hide some of the sales tools that appear in the sales tools menu so our team can’t use specific tools. This is different than the user management beta. Smiley Very Happy

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@jennhh Its a good idea that we need to hide certain modules for certain type of users.

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When will this be GA or can I get in the Beta?