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Sales reports for Weekly Calls Made & Appointments Set

This feature should be an obvious one for EVERY CRM on the market. I've now used HS for 2 years and still can't do it. 


1. I need to track all calls, emails & appointments (not just "meetings" which HS defines as one where the "schedule call" feature was used). I make appointments by phone, email AND the Schedule call tool, so your current "meetings" is incomplete.

2. This tracking should be adjustable by days (so I can see how many calls were made over a 2 day period or a 3 week period--customizable).

3. I Also need a way to track Appointments that I set vs what other sales folks set. This then needs to be tracked the same as #2 above.

4. All this needs to be exportable into Excel--not a PDF.

5. The above looks like it might be a function tweaked on the "Notes/Emails/Tasks" area of the contact record.

I need this yesterday.

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