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Sales reporting on year comparison

Hey there,


after onboarding a new customer on Sales Pro, I have struggled with one of his request that seem to me to be a basic request for sales follow-up : they wanted to be able to build a custom deal report for one deal owner, showing deals closed monthly, with month 2018 and month 2019 next to each other to be able to compare sales performance for same month on both years (either same bar with 2 colours or 2 bars next to each other for each month).


This is current way to drive sales performance, I thought it could be useful to think about a way to do so on custom report?


Thanks a lot 





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I think a simpler way to describe this feature is "year-over-year" reporting, which essentially removes the seasonality bias when comparing performance between months. It is much more helpful to compare December one year to December the previous year, rather than to compare December versus November in the same year. Those months are extremely different from a sales perspective.


We really need this feature. It's an absolute pain point for us. A lot of charts in our KPI report have to compare months/years in column charts. We have to generate these reports manually in Excel. A partner company of us even decided to not use Hubspot because of this feature missing.


I can only agree with Nikboe. I want to replace our manual Excel KPI Report as fast as possible. Realizing that a year-over-year comparison is not possible is a bit frustrating, if I'm honest. But I need this capability not only for sales, but also for our marketing reports.


This type of comparison would be great, and the functionality could be used in other types of valuable comparisons.


My understanding is that right now, you can only run comparison reports on date fields and only date fields, in other words, you can't add any other fields to be compared besides date and count. 


Hi, I wanted to share with you my set up, maybe that could solve @MarionFrelon's customer issue. 

I created a deal property "closing month"

I created a workflow saying "if the closing date is between /dates of september 2019/ OR /dates of september 2020" then closing month = september

Then I cloned and edited this workflow for other months. 

Then you can make a custom report with nomber of closed deal per month vs last year. 



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Hi @Maria_Collet 


Thanks for the tip 😊 I'll try that until Hubspot is willing to develop this functionality.....


"Year-over-year" reporting is a central part of our Sales analysis. When will this feature be available?

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Hi @MarionFrelon ,


Just to be sure, the "Comparison" drop down in some reports doesn't answer your need?

If you had missed it, it can be found when editing a report (see screenshot below): 

- Look for "Display options" in the top right area

- Click on "Comparison" drop down

- Select the range for which you wish to compare





I love that Hubspot gives you the ability to campare data to a previous year/quarter/etc., but I could really use the ability to compare data to multiple years prior. Here is an example of a report I created in Salesforce that illustrates what I'm talking about.

Example Year over Year report from SalesforceExample Year over Year report from Salesforce


This would be soooooooo nice to have in the custom report builder.



Yes we see a lot of customers requesting this (and thinking its a given) from the report builder