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Sales email templates export

I think there should be an option to bulk export the sales email templates. At the moment, the only way to save Sales templates is to manually copy the content of each template, as there is no way to export them and it consumes a lot of time.


This export option helps sales reps to review all of their emails from a document and fine tune if needed.

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Completely agree – it often happens that Sales users have 50+ templates, and without the functionality to export them, we're forced to copy/paste them externally, consuming a lot of time.


Agreed 100%. Additionally, if a user downgrades (i.e. going from paid independent contractor to an employee -- no need for paid version), it would be great if those templates were still archived so that they wouldn't have to be reentered if upgrading again. 


Please allow exporting of the templates.


This! We decided to clean up our templates -- we have pages and pages and pages ... and there is no good way to export what we have or to clean up what we don't need. 


Agree, having to copy & paste every single template is ridiculous. I was surprised bulk export isn't available for sales templates since the ability to export is present for other records.


We have 100+ templates (and quickly growing!) and find ourselves needing to review multiple templates together in one glance (e.g. when reviewing templates that are variations of each other). It's frustrating having to use the Hubspot UI to click into each template, close, and navigate to the next. It would be useful to export, review, and edit in the editor of our choice. We also would like to regularly backup our templates & not having export functionality makes that really difficult.


I agree this is needed. Seems easy to implement. Managing everything inside Hubspot is not convenient.


Import/Export and archiving should be options available. We're starting to re-use the Templates and Sequences features but there's a lot of older ones that I want to remove from view to avoid confusing our reps. There's probably some junk that needs purging but until we review them properly I don't want to potentially lose useful content.


We have about 200+ templates that we actively use and take a data drive aproach to our marketing emails but cannot do the same with sequneces and templates, with out manually copying out each subject line, and body paragrpah which is extremely time consuming. 


Please release and export feature for Sales templates so that we can report much quicker. Thank you.


This is much needed as we are completely redesigining our sales process and want to clean up the old data without losing it

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As well as exporting them it would make sense to be able to copy from portal to portal also.


Ouch, I have 395 templates that I have to manually copy from one portal to the next and it looks like there's no way of doing this other than clicking like a madman. HubSpot, please, consider your power users (and agencies) and improve this workflow.


p.s. - It wouldn't be a bad idea to consider agencies who help companies switch from SFDC to HubSpot as well.


I would need this feature as well to export email and sequences templates, that would be helpful

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Why do we not have this feature yet? We can export marketing emails but not sales email templates?


Yes, please! 👍 


Use case: communications manager needs to conduct an audit to ensure messaging is 

1. current and accurate 

2. consistent (i.e. do we have multiple templates created by different users for same topic with varying flavours of information)

3. localised where appropriate

4. complete (i.e. are we missing templates for some key topics)


To effectively do this audit, we need to provide the list of all current templates in an organised, filterable and editable/commentable way.


Much needed!!




Maybe they don't want you to go....😒


I'm leaving anyways! 😂

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Completely agree to avoid a lot of Copy & Paste:-)


Agree.  I want to review the text for our sequences therefore export into a MS word doc, but can't even work out how to export one email off, let alone the whole sequence.  I've tried copying & pasting into word and even pasting into notepad but nothing seems to work.  Any sugggestions on how I can get the text out, even if I have to copy one email at a time?




Similiar use-case to some of the above: Over the years our users have generated tons of Sales and Service email templates. A lot of the templates unintentionally address similar, overlapping topics. Many use outdated info. It's become a mess -- difficult for users to find the right version of whichever template they might need at the moment, difficult to onboard new staff in terms of training them on which are the preferred templates for various scenarios.


If we could export them all to run an audit of the text, it'd make it easier to quickly decide which templates are keepers, which need updating, and which are redundant and can be deleted. 


If not an export, then an on-site tool that allowed for viewing of the full text of multiple templates at once in a list/grid for easier comparison/analysis.