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I think there should be an option to bulk export the sales email templates. At the moment, the only way to save Sales templates is to manually copy the content of each template, as there is no way to export them and it consumes a lot of time.


This export option helps sales reps to review all of their emails from a document and fine tune if needed.

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Completely agree – it often happens that Sales users have 50+ templates, and without the functionality to export them, we're forced to copy/paste them externally, consuming a lot of time.

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Agreed 100%. Additionally, if a user downgrades (i.e. going from paid independent contractor to an employee -- no need for paid version), it would be great if those templates were still archived so that they wouldn't have to be reentered if upgrading again. 


Please allow exporting of the templates.

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This! We decided to clean up our templates -- we have pages and pages and pages ... and there is no good way to export what we have or to clean up what we don't need. 

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Agree, having to copy & paste every single template is ridiculous. I was surprised bulk export isn't available for sales templates since the ability to export is present for other records.


We have 100+ templates (and quickly growing!) and find ourselves needing to review multiple templates together in one glance (e.g. when reviewing templates that are variations of each other). It's frustrating having to use the Hubspot UI to click into each template, close, and navigate to the next. It would be useful to export, review, and edit in the editor of our choice. We also would like to regularly backup our templates & not having export functionality makes that really difficult.