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Sales Sequence Sending Date Column or Timeline

After enrolling batches of contacts into the sequence there is no way to view the dates that the messages will each be sent on (step 1 of sequence is an automated email) or tasks start date. The only thing that you can do is go in one by one and view the sequence timeline dropdown. 


If you decide that the day that you enrolled 50 contacts to be sent on is no longer the day that you want to send you can't view that at all through the sequences page. 


Either having a single column that says what day the send will begin on a contact by contact basis or having an overall timeline (organized by who it was "enrolled by") would make for a much less frictional process in the event that you wanted to change something without eaither unernolling everyone and starting over or having to go 1 by 1 to find each contact that was enrolled to be sent on a specifc date. 


Also, there is no filter for "now in sequence" that allows you to sepparate contacts that have been in a sequence in the last "x" days, weeks, or months. So the only work around is making a random task in each sequence 90 days out on the front end then using the "now in sequence" = false on future sequences to avoid enrolling contacts you've just sent to in a new sequence.