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We are running into issues with our Sales team having the ability to edit emails within Sequences that are used by a team. When a user copies a template, makes customization and goes to save, the "Update Template" button is listed first. This will update the original template causing existing sequences to get messed up with someone's customizations. 


We belive having the ability to lock these by the Super Admin will help BIG time! 


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Update Sequence permissions to disable one user from editing another user's Sequence unless at the admin level. Currently, anyone can see and edit other's sequences.

Status updated to: In Planning
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We are currently planning a solution to prevent users from making unwanted changes to templates and sequences that cause downstream issues for other users and other sequences!


This creates so many problems for us too. Sales reps clone a sequence and then start changing the templates and completely screw it up for everyone else .

HubSpot Product Team

We've recently added warnings in templates, sequences, and documents to help prevent users from accidentally making these changes. Next we are planning to add more permissions. I'll update this post once we have something in beta!




Agreed!! In general, there is room to improve the permissions. 


Also, the templates and lists should have the option for permission per user.  Sales guys are very competitive and don't like to share their templates with the rest. 



I agree, it's quite troublesome as I've had to restore the templates several times now. The team doesn't understand that when they clone the sequence, they are actually editing from the original email template. While the update above is useful, I've just seen a team member messing up our templates again. Permissions is really the best way to go about this.



Another possible solution is for cloned sequences to automatically have new templates (ie, they would automatically have the clone extension on the name) to avoid unintended changes to the main template


It would be great to have the template lock and only the owner can make changes to that template. If other members want to use the template they can only adjust it through the email itself.



I just got off chat with a Rep and we found there is no functionality to "lock" in place to restrict access to creating/editing Snippets or Templates.

I understand the fact that after they select on an email or chat they should have the ability to customize it but I would strongly like to have the ability to lock in the ones  created by admin. So that we avoid anyone adding or removing language put in place by the creator. There will soon be new members to my team and I feel anxiety towards them editing the ones i have already put in place with out authorization. I think that if y'all had the ability to lock them in place and only be edited on an email or chat it would be best so if any issues come up due to the language I can identify who did. 


Right now Hubspot Sales Premium is a total free-for-all.  Any individual salesperson can create their own templates, sequences or edit any existing template or sequence.  I assume most sales organizations are like us where the messages are important and there is a need for consistency.  There are also compliance concerns in our industry so I can't have people randomly changing messaging.  Human error is also very easy if someone thinks they are altering something minor but they end up re-writing the entire template and then also changing a sequence. 


We need to have a setting where certain levels of salespeople can use templates or sequences but not edit nor create them.  


Looks like this entered planning almost a year ago. Any updates?


We desperately need some control over the original sequences. At a minimum a user shouldn't be able to update a sequence that another user owns without having that specific permission.