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Sales Pro Calling - configurable caller phone number

When using the Sale Pro feature to call prospects from the Hubspot CRM, if we choose "Call from Phone", we should be able to specify which phone to use.  


Currently, the CRM will only call the phone number specified as the Caller ID - but if the Caller ID is a shared use phone number (such as the main office, or sales office), there may be others answering the phone, and/or there may be exensions required. 


My suggesion is to allow the user to configure which phone number should be called, so that they can enter in their direct extension or cell phone (for example).


Thank you.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hey @hvy_weight! You can absolutely register your cell phone or your office number with your extension in the Calling tool. We will not call a number that is not the registered number, but you can register multiple numbers and then choose which one to use depending on the situation Smiley Happy

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@hroberts thank you for the response. However,  I think you misunderstood my suggestion.  My suggestion is to separate the "Caller ID" and the phone used.  So I'd like my sales reps to be able to call out using the office phone number, but actually use their cell phone.  This is easily accomplished with the existing technology that Hubspot already uses.   The way it is currently setup, if the user wants to use their cell phone, then the cell phone number will be the caller ID.  

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@hroberts to expand on this suggestion, it would be great to be able to have the default number for each user to appear on the recipients caller ID regardless of which phone is used to make the call. For example, sometimes I work from home and therefore have my work landline and my home landline registered for calling. However, it would be ideal to have only the work number come up on caller ID regardless of which phone I call from so as to not have my home landline visible to potential clients