Sales Pipeline Won/Lost Per Deal Stage

I've been using the HubSpot Pipeline report for a while, but I think it's badly designed and doesn't clearly reflect the information it should.


For example, it's very hard to trace back the source of closed lost deals without creating multiple reports for each scenario (deal lost at stage 1, 2, 3, etc.).


Has HubSpot considered using a representation such as the following one to make things clearer ?




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@edjusten I agree with @davidoudiette.  It seems like anybody I've talked to at HubSpot about this is missing the point.  What you're describing here sounds great.  But the Deal Stage Funnel is currently broken because it can't track deals that skip stages.  The Deal Stage funnel shows me that I created 100 deals and 10 of them started at the 1st stage of the pipeline.  The other 90 entered the pipeline at later stages.  And the 10 that entered at the 1st stage skipped the 2nd stage.  So the Deal Stage funnel actually shows me nothing.  The answer is not more pipelines.  The answer is a better Deal Stage Funnel report.  One that acknowledges that deals skip stages and shows you more like David suggested here.


Please help!  This fix will make a big difference.  My company is currently looking at your Report Add-on but our confidence in HubSpot reporting is low based on widgets like this Deal Stage Funnel.


Thank you!

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@edjusten I agree. Right now I have many closed-won and many more closed-lost, but my funnel report shows 0% conversion rate from our "contract sent" stage.  It is currently not a very helpful report.

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@cmulcahey @davidoudiette


I also believe that there is an issue in that to be counted as a 'closed lost' the deal also has to pass through the 'closed won' stage.  


At the moment the way the report is designed the Deal Stage Dashboard and Deal Funnel Dashboard will never reconcile.

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Agree - the report is functionally useless as a salesperson in the real world will never move through each stage in sequence. The report should acknowledge that if a deal has skipped a stage or two - it's still 'passed through' that stage.


I'm now looking at providing this level of data for sector-level deal reporting as the fact that I can't even with the reporting add-on is maddening to say the least!