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It would be great to have the sales extension for Firefox also. Right now, it is available for Chrome and Outlook only.

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In HubSpot Sales on some step I need to install browser extension. But, this extension only for Chrome. I use Firefox and I don't use Outlook. How can I can resolve this issue?

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Hi @AlexDutch,


Thank you for your question.  The Hubspot Sales extension only works with Google Chrome or Outlook, so there isn't currently a way to resolve the issue using Firefox.  If you do want to use the extension, my best suggestion is to download Google Chrome and install the Hubspot Sales extension.  You can keep using Firefox for browsing the web, and reserve Google Chrome for the sole purpose of Hubspot Sales.



Please feel free to post an idea on the Ideas Forum regarding making the Hubspot Sales Extension available for Firefox.  





It's doesn't useful to anybody who used to work with Firefox browser. It's obviously isn't a solution to install different browser. Too bad. But anyway thank you for your reply.


I also am a FF user - and I was shocked to realize that it was all for not to have joined CRM. I'm Gmail user but FF is my prefered browser.  Please set up and make a FF extension available.


How could you not have a FireFox extension? I just switched over to FireFox because Chrome is a memory hog on my Mac and discovered that HubSpot doesn't work with it. I use the hubSpot extension with my business email, which I'm in all the time. It doesn't make sense to switch to another browser to go to other sites when I'm already in one for the email. It would still be using up memory and defeating the purpose. Please develop a FireFox extension. thank you.


Hey Brett,


Similar situation here. I'm using Gmail but from Safari. No plan for an Hubspot extension?






That is quite a bit to ask users to use a different browser to have access to hubspot's resources.  I have heard there are other companies that allow for the same email tracking without having to use a specific browser.  Being a program for sales, one would think that Hubspot would be good at catering to their clients by meeting them where they are comfortable.  I'm disappointed to say the least.  I am going to download Chrome, but I'm not happy about it, and I'm sure there are many people who turn away from Hubspot services for having a preference for firefox.  I can only think that Hubspot is falling short in regards to the ability and leadership of the company, to leave out such a large segment of firefox users.  It would be hard to imagine that there is any good reason to do so, and even if there was, innovation is a part of a successful company.  I will use Hubspot on Chrome for now until I find something better.


I guess there's been no movement on this.. strange that a company the size of Hubspot would ignore all of the Firfefox users..


What a dreadful position to put users in!
"Use the browser we specify"
Given that integration (email etc) requires that you be on the same browser this isn't a practicable solution.

If there is no Firefox addon equivalent to the Chrome one soon, I'll be dumping HubSpot and making one hell of a noise about why on Facebook and Twitter.



Hi Brett,


I see that this thread started in Nov '16 -- how's it coming with your FF extension??


FWIW, the world of browsers is changing and FF is posed to gain a lot of users from v 57 onwards. I'm very concious about privacy, and FF is the only choice there really. The API for webExtensions is very close to chrome now, so it should not take a good dev more than a day or two to port it.


You are leaving 20% of the market in the cold as it is.


As a customer I really don't want a programmer to just tell me your SOL, eventually thats how customers start looking for competitive options and become ex customers.



Yeah I would pay for this extension....


Chrome has been acting up and I have made the switch to FF


Now that the new Firefox versio is out I really hope HS will start acknowleding that Chrome isn't the only (nor the  best) browser out there and give us a sales extension plugin that works with FF too.


Yes, wanted to migrate back to Firefox now that Quantum is here and Hubspot is holding me...


Yep, this is sad. C'mon HubSpot, get with the game. Look right now, any of you have more than 10 tabs open. If so, Chrome has sucked all your memory. Not so with Firefox. Most of us deal with this daily and so Firefox is a good solution. I thought Hubspot was about making our lives easier; so let's see that extension. Please.


I have switched to Firefox because Chrome wastes an unreasonable amount of memory. HubSpot, please add an extension for Chrome!


Everyone else - upvote this idea! That's the only way HubSpot will get this need in motion and create an extension for HubSpot users. It will take time, but it will take votes, too.


Another FF user here ....


Like above, I've moved away from Chrome for both privacy and performance. I don't want to download Chrome ... so I guess I'll just give up on Hubspot since it looks like they're not really interested in making a FF extension.



Would love this. Was a long time Chrome user, but have switched over to FF because Chrome just eats up too much of my memory, especially after the latest updates.  Is there still no solution for this?  I know FF marketshare is declining, but still one of the top browsers worldwide.


FF Quantum  is on fire! Another user here...