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A few of our clients have asked when it's possible to spell check emails sent out of the HubSpot Sales tool. It would be a "great to have" feature.



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Hey @mboyce thank you for the post? Could you please clarify if you are referring to emails you write in and send via the CRM, or emails you write in Gmail and/or Outlook using the HubSpot Sales plugin?

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 I would like to know the same answer as well. And for me, this is for emails I write and send via the CRM.



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This is badly needed especially in templates. There is no way to access spell check except to right click and use your browser's spellcheck when creating or editing template.


Similar to how this dialog box has the ABC check mark, it would be great if the HubSpot email interface had the same.

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Are there any plans to incorporate a spell checker in the Hubspot CRM? This would be a great improvement! 

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Why isn't this a feature for probably the most expensive drip email service?

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Any update on this?


When I am sending emails, misspellings will have a red underline. However, that is not what happens when the rest of my sales team sends email messages through HubSpot. Must be a browser spellchecker.

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Karen_Barth is experiencing what I am dealing with. My colleagues have spell checking occuring indicated with a red underline and my emails mis-spellings are not indicated. We are all using Google Chrome. Has this issue been remedied?

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Upvoting this. A spell check in general for emails would be awesome.


This is badly needed. We need spell check software directly in HubSpot, without having to integrate add ons.

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Big miss not having spellcheck in the email tool - I see it's a part of this comment/idea suggestion tool, but not the one we use for daily emails to our contacts???  Cmon folks, I'm losing faith in Hubspot based on this an other usability items I've commented on.

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looking forward to see a tool in hubspot to use for spellingchecker, like grammarly or a inhouse version.

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I have problems with no auto correct for lower case i to captal I.  I am so used to just typing in i in MicroSoft Apps that i just dont capitalise anymore.  In HubSpot i am constantly going back to correct my lower case i's