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Sales Documents not optimized for Mobile View

Sales Documents have a poor user experience
A) not optimised for mobile (have to scroll across to read the pages)
B) the Live Chat is so badly implemented for mobile that it is unusable. Explaining that many customers will be opening documents from mobile.
When will this bug be fixed and also when Documents is going to be improved as been on exact same version for 2 years Do let me know the response to this on urgency.

The issue is plain to see, all they need to do is use it from a mobile.

1. The Live Chat is on a single line, it continues to write off the screen. Not only is it a bad User/Customer Experience, but it is totally unusable.

2. The doc viewer when viewing an a4 portrait PDF requires the user to scroll to the right to see the whole page, why is this not optimised to be snapped to mobile screen size. This again is a very bad User/Customer Experience. Until HubSpot can reassure me that they are testing their product properly being aware of UX even at a basic level, I am unwilling to make further investment. This is frustrating, as we do need to invest in a Service Desk solution and it would make sense to be HubSpot. I just cannot continue to invest until some of these issues that are actually really very bad get fixed. These are issues that should not require User Feedback, as they are basic QA Testing.