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Hi All,

We have recently been experimenting with all the HubSpot tools and they seem to be working well for us, But a big issue we have found is the inability to use our custom domains we have added as the link for our Document tracking and attachments.

It would be extremely useful if we could change the domain from "".


Many thanks!.

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Yes. This is a really simple request.  Not sure why it is open from Hubspot's end since 2 years.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.





For us it is not an option to use documents as long as the domain be seen by user in browser is not our own domain. One more feature we pay, but at the end it is useless for us. Please consider to get this to put to your project plan and tag it as urgent.

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I agree. To say this is not a priority is ridiculous. Who is making this decision and why? I cannot imagine this is difficult at all.


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When all other content can be on own domain, then it gives a poor impression when sales documents are on 😞


Rather than knowing that don't work on it, it would be good to know when you WILL work on it.

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@glencornell Any news? now we are in next quarter?


We definitely need this functionality, too. Just wanted to send out an event invitation to a number of high profile executives. But the favicon and the domain visible to the recipient (at latest after clicking on the document link in the mail) are not acceptable.


So we will not use Hubspot's document feature and switch to hosting the file on our own website

At least a subdomain should be possible (i.e. "" --> pointing to


A pity, because the idea behind the documents tracking is great




I thought this is a basic expectation of such a platform. Since the marketing elements of HubSpot already work on a custom domain, can't get my head around why you'd not develop along the same common principles for the platform. It was my basic expectation.

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@glencornell : any news? 27 months old "idea". looks unprofessional.


Some people even think they are being asked to download malware when it is not on our domain.




Sales document isn't usable if it is not using our company url.


Same here. Not having the best impression on clients. Plus doesn't really make sense as all other links can be company branded (we use it for meetings etc). 

@glencornell any updates? 


Can I also add my weight to this, we'd also like to have a consistent domain across any collateral we send the cystomer


Hi we havent been using much of the sales features on Hubspot but i decided to take another look today. Perticulary the document handling


The first thing that occured to me was the lack of sync issues.... and that it would be a pain to maintain yet another library of assets. The second was the url handling; When i created a link for a document it uses   Like everyone else, we should not use this for our website, or for email delivery of our aessets. It should be a sub domain of the email/website domain we are using.


Theres a ton of otther issues i have found with domain usage in Hubspot but thats for another thread. 🙏 Please reconsider this option, it would perhaps be a cname to our hubspot id domain name (like some other Hubspot services). Surely not that hard to implement? But it would be a big benefit to us all. 


+1 it's a MUST TO HAVE 

any communication via URL with customers should use a branded domain and not ""

please hurry up!


Same here! Brandwise it would be good to have our own URL for the sales documents. Hopefully it will get on the planning soon. 




I also don't want to get the url shortener when adding links from outlook plugin. URL shortener a from my point of view a bad pattern in context of an email where trust is very important.


Just a link like https://subdomain.mybrand.tld/files/ ...


This would be really important as we don't want our clients to know that we are using hubspot. Once they start looking up what it is and they feel watched or tracked, the romance is over.

Not being able to use our own domain for documents renders the whole feature useless for us.

Many thanks for considering this!


Hi @TSR and others looking for this feature.


We are developing CloudFiles which enahnces Documents and solves many of the associated issues.


In the near term, we plan to introduce custom sub-domain so that the links you send to your clients read


Eventually we plan to have complete whitelabelling so that you can have only your company name in the domain. 


The app is an enahncement over the Documents tool and solves many of the associated problems. You can try out the app from the marketplace.




I really want this issue... it's not possible to share documents with this url I want to share