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Sales Documents hosted on own Domain

Hi All,

We have recently been experimenting with all the HubSpot tools and they seem to be working well for us, But a big issue we have found is the inability to use our custom domains we have added as the link for our Document tracking and attachments.

It would be extremely useful if we could change the domain from "app.hubspot.com".


Many thanks!.

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Just as Hubspot enables us to use our own domain as the link for images, and other assets in the file system, and also branded short links for social media, it would be great if we could use our own domain or branded short link for sales documents as well. It does not help our brand image to have hubspot links for these documents

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yes why does this not exist

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oh gosh...I didn't even realize this wasn't an option. It should be!

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Do we have an update on this HubSpot? Smiley Happy