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Hi All,

We have recently been experimenting with all the HubSpot tools and they seem to be working well for us, But a big issue we have found is the inability to use our custom domains we have added as the link for our Document tracking and attachments.

It would be extremely useful if we could change the domain from "".


Many thanks!.

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It would be great if the tracked link for documents under sales tool was a link based on your own company website url not hubspot. So when you send a doc to a customer they dont see hubspot in the link but rather your company url.

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Agreed. I would find this feature very helpful. I LOVE the documents tool but it does pose some issues for me and my team, including branding and credibility issues. I want my customers and prospects to see my website and brand when they're looking at my marketing materials.


Please keep us posted with updates on the progression of this idea. Thank you!

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I agree. We had a prospect ask why the Hubspot favicon was displayed in the browser for our sales document. Would also like to host at our domain.

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We want to be able to white label ALL url links from meetings, documents, etc. i.e. using or our own subdomains/folders.


In today's climate of cyberhacking, everyone is on the lookout for phishing/spoofing url's.


Although we love HubSpot, many of our clients don't recognize HubSpot links.


It is imperative to fast track this feature.



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 This idea is being posted on behalf of a HubSpot customer. They would like to see the ability to set custom URL structures for quotes and documents. An example of this would be the following:


Rather than seeing this:[string of numbers]

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Also -- that the redirect link should be wiht my company domain, and not "sidekickopen"

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I agree this would be helpful, as we don't want clients to get confused about where docs are coming from or who has sent them. 

As you can change the domain URL for docs in the marketing side, there's an expectation to be able to do this with sales docs too. 

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That would be great!!!!

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Not only it would be great, but it is important that a paying customer can use the brand from A to Z.

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Glad to see some activity on this idea. Any updates on the feature for us, @daniellecalder ?


This is an important one, @HubSpot, for a lot of reasons. Personally, my organization can't begin to use these features until this change is made. Really hope this request is being fully recognized. 



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Just as Hubspot enables us to use our own domain as the link for images, and other assets in the file system, and also branded short links for social media, it would be great if we could use our own domain or branded short link for sales documents as well. It does not help our brand image to have hubspot links for these documents

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yes why does this not exist

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oh gosh...I didn't even realize this wasn't an option. It should be!

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Do we have an update on this HubSpot? Smiley Happy

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Is there any update on this, it is a really cruical thing lacking for the whole Sales Docuemnt feature to be used as intended. 

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Totally agree with this. 

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any update here @hubspot?

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This is really the biggest Problem with Hubspot. I love the tool(s) but i definetly need to host my documents on my own domain. 


Please @hubspot !

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This is desperately needed!!!

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When I add the document to my template it creates the hubspot link which doesn't work for my branding nor does it make the multiple documents i attached understandable to my client.

I would prefer that they stay as the document name.

In the meantime though, I have deleted them from my template and will have to manually add them to each template email before sending. This isn't ideal for when I finalize my full automatization