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STATS - Automatically Associate Custom Objects to Company

We are a franchise and require our locations to enter their stats. We have created a Form that when submitted creates a Custom Object and Associates it with the Contact. It is also supposed to Associate with the same Company the Contact is associated with. This made sense as the locations would be submitting their stats on a Monthly basis and we need this process to be recurring with over 200 offices across 2 countries. Unfortunately, the only way to make this happen is to add in the field of Company Domain Name to the Stats form. This is not an option for us because most of our clinics have their own websites in conjunction with the ones we created for them, therefore each location may have 2 active domains working to drive new patients to that location. Not to mention a lot of these locations also have Independent Contractors that run their own business inside of the main business and therefore they may have yet another website for that location. Associating the Custom Objects with the Contacts solved the Independent Contractor stat's issue and now we can provide support based on their entries but we would still like the stats to Associate with the Company so that we can have a full overview of the Company.