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SMS to Contacts

Workflow seems to have internal SMS but there is no option for SMS to contacts.  Thinking as a reminder of appointments it would be a great feature. 


I understand there are legal issues around use of SMS but be great if could figure a way to use it and manage that it is used within legal guidelines. 




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May 18, 2020 12:43 PM

Hey Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products. Thanks for the feedback here. While we don't have anything in the works just yet, we are currently evaluating this idea.


In the meantime, we suggest utilizing an SMS integration provided by one of the apps in our marketplace:





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Agreed. Any intention of an integration in the future Hubspot??

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FYI due to our own need and that of our clients, we have custom built an Addon called Inbound SMS that sends SMS text messages direct from Hubspot workflows using the webhook action. It also puts a note in the contact timeline and can receive messages also and puts those into the contact timeline as well, and notifies your nominated email address when a reply has been received.


It requires no programming or technical skills to set up and we also put a sample workflow in your HubSpot app so you can be sending SMS text messages in literally minutes. Feel free to contact me or check it out at It is currently available for Australia, the US and UK but we have the ability to provide it in many other countries also.


We recently needed to send SMS to clients. During our research, we didn't really find any out-of-the-box solution. We decided to use a couple software all tied to Zapier to start sending SMS.


You can find step-by-step instructions here: Sending SMS with HubSpot.


We're using three software: Zapier to tie everything together. Front handles receiving responses. Twilio handles the technology part.


Moew and more, I'm using texting as a communication tool with prospects. It would be great if I could simply send a text directly from HubSpot. It seems that an add-on was built to do just that, but it seems rather complicated. I'd love to be able to send a single text or a text sequence in the same way I send an email or email sequence within HubSpot. For now, I'm buying a texting service from another vendor. By using an outside vendor, It's like I need to manage a second CRM just for texting. 



Legal issues don't apply everywhere in the same way so that should't prevent HubSpot to have this feature added in the same way guns are allowed to be owned by civilians in some countries even though they can be used among other things to kill inocent people.

Adding another service - such as Plivo/Twilio/ INBOUNDADDONS SMS etc - that sends/receives the SMS also adds another layer of complexity to this much sought-after feature so why not passing on this responsability to the HubSpot Mobile app itself from the beginning?

There are countries where given the right mobile subscription the number of sent/received SMSs is unlimited so it makes no financial sense to add another service and pay for the messages.

My proposal is to have the (Android in my case) mobile app manage/watch the inbound/outbound SMSs and log a record for each message that belongs to one of the contacts.

I use SMSs not only for Marketing Campains but for much simpler purposes, such as polls or meeting reminders for customers or even own employees so this shouldn't be seen as as a paramount of sofistication deemed to be offered in the highest license but even to the free one.

Thank you.


Response rates for SMS have been skyrocketing. We need this functionality. I don't know all the legal requirements, but almost always the message includes the option to reply "Stop" and that removes you from the queue. 


Posting it here since there seems to be a connection with the discussion. Especially to @APT27t18's  request. 


We have an app on Google Play that does this. It is called RoloCRM ( It connects to Hubspot and automatically logs client calls and SMSes. 


If any of you here find it relevant, I would love it if you could give it a spin and let me know what you think.


In case you need help when using the app, we have an in-app help chat on the app that I monitor. 

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Sending SMS within the timeline as well as powerdial.


Similar apps.


Another feature


 @srinath Can ROLO be used on desktop to integrate with HubSpot or is it only available on mobile?


@JordiCLM - Right now we only have an Android app. 


We are working on a chrome extension that can show details (including sms alongside gmail/google apps). 


A full on desktop app is some ways away. But curious as to why you would want to use a desktop app instead of Hubspot?


Are you trying to get a desktop view that includes sms?  Or are you trying to send sms from desktop?


Hi Hubspot team,


We're currently using Twilio for SMS service. It would be great to have the integration in Hubspot! To make it even better, Hubspot should roll out its own SMS feature to reach out to customers and not just for internal use!




Textiful ( has recently expanded our HubSpot integration to allow you to trigger custom SMS text messages within HubSpot Workflows.


Our platform sends the required the compliance message for text marketing campaigns and handles user opt outs to ensure your following regulations.


Using Textiful you can also sync HubSpot Contacts to Textiful and send bulk text message campaigns using our interface. You can even capture data through text messages and create new HubSpot Contacts and trigger HubSpot Workflows

Setup for all of our integration is really simple with only a handful of steps.

You can try out the full integration at no charge with our Free Forever plan by going to

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Sales use phone to send "sales SMS" and we use external app to send "Marketing SMS". None of that is recorded in Hubspot. 

If Hubspot would send SMS, we would have this inside Hubspot. We need Hubspot to have for SMS at least what FollowUpBoss is offering:


Great idea! I’d love this!


RoloCRM ( is now available on the marketplace at -

RoloCRM is an android app that works with Hubspot. With RoloCRM you can

1. Send an SMS to customers and have that automatically logged on to Hubspot
2. Schedule SMS messages (logged to hubspot)

3. Scan business cards to contact
4. Access hubspot history during calls using an enhanced caller id

5. Track, payments/recipts, customer visits on hubspot


Check us out!


Much needed!! 

Would be great to have everything all in one place, contacts, emails, calls and SMS. 

Currently there is no reason for us to bring our calling over from skype into hubspot, as we still need to send a text when a contact doesnt answer. 


Any update on introducing this hubspot?


I agree and I'm waiting for that...


I really want to see this intergrated into Workflows! 




We use Sakari ( It is really good but a native Hubspot SMS service would be amazing!