SLA management required



the Service Hub may be a usuable tool for small companies with consumer end-customers who ask an occasional question that requires support, without any service level agreement. However, for those companies (such as us) delivering services to larger business clients, SLA management, tracking and reporting is absolutely mandatory. With all large customers this is a standard contractual obligation.

While it has always been a standard feature with the "big" ITSM tools (like ServiceNow), also direct competitors of Hubspot Service Hub such as Zendesk or FreshService, Jira and Solarwinds support this feature. 

This is a deal breaker. If Hubspot Service Hub wants to make the step to a full blown service management tool, SLA management is a MUST. This should feature prominently on the development roadmap.

Right now, Service Hub is not usuable for us. The suggested workarounds in various forums (e.g. configuring scheduled workflows) are not a feasible option for professional, SLA-based ticket management. 

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Any idea if Hubspot will have an update on this? 


An SLA management system is a must-have for any ticketing solution, any ETA on this would be awesome


Simple a must-have-out-of-the-box function! especially if it says "service"-hub, it should also include all the tools that is a must-have, minimum, state-of-the-art to a daily, operational service!


+1. This is a must. Hubspot is great but can become even greater if SLA comes alive.


Interstingly I've found 4 SLA property inside custom report creation, which may suggest they might deliver the feature sometime.


The image below is in Portuguese, but you can try out on your own platform.