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SEO tools: Add ability to support multiple countries - crucial for international businesses!

Currently you can only choose one country as target market in the keyword tool. For businesses that operate in multiple countries "Hubspot" is useless for SEO.

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Yes, this is a must have feature. I would like to see the possibility for switching between countries. Some of our clients run their business in multiple languages, and today we need to only focus on tracking English keywords in HubSpot.


Even if you use Enterprise, many companies choose to just use their primary domain to manage all the countries. For example., etc. 


I agree, I have the same issue ! Our website & blog is in 3 languages and we would like to measure our ranking in the 3 different countries.



HubSpot Product Team

Our Content Strategy tool allows for each cluster to have a separate locale set, and that is where HubSpot is focusing our SEO tooling going forward: