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Please add support for SAML authentication. Currently your account security seems to be subpar compared to the rest of the industry. From what I can tell there's no two-factor support, no ability to set minimum password requirements nor support to just force the use of Google login. With SAML support we can manage our entire login security stack (user account verification, two-factor decision, password requirements). With HubSpot containing high sensative information I can't believe this hasn't come up before.


At the very least just let us force users to have to use Google to login, then we can mandate some requirements through that.

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@ssoadmin great to hear! Glad you're getting value out of the new features.

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Is it possible that SSO is broken when the browser is Safari?  I've been going back and forth with Support about one user who can't log in, they want videos, screen shots, a browser webdev tool recording, etc..  I decided to recreate most of the screen shots using my own computer and Safari, knowing the user in question was using Safari, and what do you know, I get the same SSO failure as shown below.  However, flip back to Firefox, log out, clear cookies, start fresh, and it works fine.  Seems weird that it would be browser specific but now I can reproduce it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 3.46.25 PM.png



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Hey @ssoadmin I haven't been able to reproduce this on my side just yet. If you're working with our support team, providing them with a Safari version number & that web archive would be helpful. I think I'm on the latest Safari version myself, but I did run into some trouble with a beta branch of Safari a while back because it was defaulting to not allowing third-party cookies to be set in my browser, which made logging into some tools fail.

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Yep, I have a ticket going.  I updated them with the Safari version (Mojave / MacOS latest).  Chrome & FF on the same computer work fine.

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Hi rad 


We have recently joined hubspot I have seen that SSO is available for Enterprise customers however we only have marketing pro and would not benefit from any of the other enterprise features, the additional cost of enterprise to simply have SSO is prohibitive to us. 


Are there plans to make this available to Pro users or as a possible add on to pro users. Sadly I was not involved in the procurement process and by the time I’ve got involved it’s purchased and I’m asked to sort users out and get domains configured. If not are hubspot considering to add a Microsoft account button like you have already for google?


In my opinion if a product can support SSO it should be available to all as we all know passwords are weak and by using SSO additional checks can be done along with actually dropping passwords altogether. In the past it was only enterprise businesses who implemented SSO due to the additional management but now with the likes of okta, azure ad, g suite more business small and large can protect themselves but that’s only achievable if the Service Providers allow us to use SSO in more than just their enterprise plans. 

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Good afternoon all,


This idea is great!


However as an administrator when logging onto other users to make changes to their profiles - add e-mail signatures, connect phone numbers, update views etc the system does not allow me to do this requiring verification number sent by e-mail. Obviously the system sends this to the user e-mail rather than my own. It would be even better if the admin user could be exempt from this and able to log in to any user? -  most of our users are salesmen and they do not want to have anything to do with the admin side of things!


Perhaps the admin could log into their own account and the in settings>users and teams>actions (the little grey dropdown) have a option to "access user's account" to edit their profile/system defaults and settings/ table views/ dashboard defaults/ signatures/ connect phone/email etc

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Whould be good to see SSO and SAML incliuded across all packages. In 2020 this is a basic security feature that all SaaS providers should offer.