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Run multiple pop-ups as an A/B test

I think it would be cool if we could A/B test pop-ups. 


For example, we have two events coming up that we want to promote and don't want the website to look spammy by running two pop-ups at the same time. 

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Yes! Agreed! Would love to have this capability to test best performance of lead capture. The only temporary idea I could come up with is cloning the landing page and creating separate pop-ups and depending on the method of deliery, take email for instance, send half the emails with one landing page link and the other email with the treatment pop-up. 


Still trying to come up with ways to just split test pop-ups without any sort of method of delivery and maintain randomization of the audience.


This would be also helpful for us, we would like to know which versions perform better to have the results into consideration and use it in all our pop-ups.


We would love this option! I know there are third parties that offer this for more $$$ but seems like it'd be simple to execute via HubSpot. We're currently offering gated content through pop-ups, generating leads, and would like to test two types of content to see which is more effective to our audience.


This would be a phenomenal idea! I was researching if this was possible and was dissappointed to see the only work around was to A/B test different landing pages and use different forms for variations. What if we wanted to A/B test a pop-up form that is enabled on our whole website? We would not be able to do this with that work around. 


Popups are great at converting website visitors. Definitely need to be able to run A/B tests.


This is highly relevant for our organization as well. We need to be able to run A/B-tests on pop-up forms on our site. Optimally, also on standard forms, without the work-around described in previous posts (testing entire landing pages).

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I've been in contact with the HubSpot product team about this Idea, and I wanted to provide a quick update.


We appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared here to help our team evaluate this feature request. However, at this time, this functionality is not something our team is planning to build into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future, so feel free to leave feedback if you'd like. We'll update this thread if our plans change.

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This would be so powerful! Being able to test different headers, copy, and fields for better lead conversion is a feature that aligns perfectly with other capabilities throughout Hubspot. I really hope this functionality get developed soon.

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I think it would be good to have the possibility of running A/B tests to pop-ups in order to optimize them in a more analytical way. 




YES. We want to run a popup, but A/B test two different pieces of downloadable content to see which performs better.


What is the state of affairs


Yes, this is absolutely needed! We need to be able to easily test which type of form works best - the current workarounds aren't great.

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this is critical. If we are engaging the visitor with copy/visuals/buttons/placement on page, we need to A/B test it. Every other offer of similar functionality knows this. Optimonster, Hellobar, Admiral VRM, etc.

Heck, I'd even like to be able to A/B test your own offer of where to place the popup, bottom left, top, etc. Please address. Modern marketing is based on the data tell us what works.


I agree!


This idea for A/B testing forms was submitted on another forum thread in March 2019, and the latest reply in June of 2020 for a community manager indicated that this idea wasn't on the product team's roadmap.


It would be an invaluable feature with all the other advacements that the HubSpot platform has made. Added my upvote on both posts in hopes that HubSpot will revisit their consideration.


This idea to A/B test forms was also submitted in this thread. Perhaps if we can rally enough upvotes between the two posts, we can have HubSpot reconsider their decision to not have this functionality on their roadmap.


It would be a great help to be able to A/B test forms, and given all of the other rollouts HubSpot has made just this year alone perhaps they can add this one to the mix now as well, given that it's been nearly 3 years since being asked for.


Totally agree! It would be nice to have that function. 


Nowadays, is complicated to do it manually.


This one seems like a no brainer! Awesome idea we would certainly use this feature too.

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Hi all, 


Moving this tread to combine with a similar idea so we can look at the upvotes together! 


Hey, +1 on that feature 🙂


This is must have option + possibility to set a Goal on a form.