Route conversations based on advanced criteria

It would be very helpful in the messaging tool to route conversations to different representatives based on visitor location, time of day, day of week, or contact record properties.


This would support many use cases including having certain representatives manage messages in the AM and others in the PM, or having some manage messages on certain days of the week and others during other days of the week. The most value would come from the location routing, as there are certain representatives best suited to handle questions from different countries.

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Offer more options for routing conversations to reps. 


We operate in multiple time zones, and it would be nice to be able to funnel people to our reps based on their geographical location. 



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looks good,,,

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Totally agree. Would be great to be able to receive an incoming conversation route and assign it to the correct rep based on country/timezone.

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Agreed, by state would be good for reps operating within certain territories.