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Rotating leads with fixed distribution percentages



We're currently stuck with the following scenario: 


We want to distribute leads randomly to reps A, B and C. 

Rep A receives 20% of leads, rep B 40% and rep C 40%.


This is currently not possible in the system. 

The random attribution is important to us, i.e. we cannot solve it through IF branches. 

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We're diving into using Operations Hub and the new custom code actions to solve this issue for our portal. Kyle Jepson included a pretty solid lesson on how to do it in the new Workflows Deep Dive.

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Hey folks!


I'm happy to report that this is "Delivered"! By using the Custom Code Action in workflows, you can rotate leads with fixed distribution percentages.


To learn more, check out this Academy Course:




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I'm not sure how this is "delivered" not everyone has access to Javascript


JoeMayall said "

I'm happy to report that this is "Delivered"! By using the Custom Code Action in workflows, you can rotate leads with fixed distribution percentages.


To learn more, check out this Academy Course:"



Giving non-programmers the ability to paste or write custom code isn't a workable solution.


It would be much better to have some text boxes to select or type the % we want the split to be for the different members of a round-robin team.




So, in order to simply have weighted Contact Owner rotation, we have to upgrade our account Operations Hub Professional for over $1,000/month!? 
Hubspot. Come on. That's insane. This should be a standard feature. Considering this is the ONLY Custom Coded feature our company needs in our workflows, it's bonkers to charge this for such a simple feature.

Congratulations on pushing us further towards Salesforce, where this is a default feature. Step it up.


We also need this but custom code is not a viable fix. Can we get this re-opened?


We also need this functionality

The custom code is available only to Operations Hub Professional.

Is not aceptable to pay a new Hub only for use the custom code as a workarround of what we are asking.

The rotate record should include the quotation percentage as default.

Please review, we are a lot asking for this.


Not quite sure how this can be "delivered" when it requires

  1. A javascript developer
  2. An upgrade to Operations Hub Professional

This seems like such a low-level tech lift for HubSpot to drastically increase the QoL for us Ops folks and give us some flexibility. Very dissapointing.


This has not been 'delivered'.

What has been delivered is an expensive paid upgrade to your subscription for a very small feature that should come standard.

Another reason we are ending our Hubspot subscription.


Jumping in - we need this feature, too.


For example, Sales Rep A. is a veteran and therefore receives 70% of inbound leads. Rep B. is a rising star and should get 30% of inbound leads. If we distribute with the default even-split round robin, then we risk losing 20% of inbound leads AND set up Rep B. to fail.


HubSpot product/dev team, please understand that this is key to SaaS companies.

We have a custom code that does this for us now. It is working beautifully.
Our developer wrote the code and we implemented it a few years ago.

We tell the system how to distribute leads based on region and if the AA
(term for our sales assistants) is part time or full time.

We use the HUBdb table to control it.


Plus 1 to all of the above. 


We need to assign Contacts/Deals to our sales reps based on a specific percentage. 


Rep A = 50%

Rep B = 25%

Rep C = 25% 



A simple, non-technical setup that we started using some time after I posted the original issue is as follows: 


Let's say we need

- 50% of leads to rep A

- 25% of leads to rep B

- 25% of leads to rep C


The workaround: 

1. Create a new "dummy" user in Hubspo, which will only be used as a pool to allocate leads fromt. We used an email alias under G-suite to create the email addresses for this user.

2. Set up a worlflow where 50% of incoming leads get distributed equally between rep A and the dummy user - 50% each.

3. In a next step in the workflow, the leads assigned to the dummy user get immediately redistributed equally between reps B and C. So each get 25% of the initial lead count. 

This gives you the desired distribution for the case above. 


It achieves the goal, the clear drawbacks are that it clutters the system and only works for some allocation %s. However, it works for us and we needed a quick, creative solution. 


Thank you @Maarten_C , appreciate it! Sounds like a good workaround. I'll give it a try 😊


Upvoting this as well. I wish we could assign percentages somehow in the "Rotate Record to Owner" workflow step.

I was able to accomplish this with a custom code action but it required developer help. Considering not everyone has access to a developer, this really isn't a great solution.


@Maarten_C  Thanks for this.


Can you share the exact workflow that you set up in step #2 and then #3 to distribute the other 50% of leads between reps B and C?

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Ops I forgot to reply!
Sweet! Your idea worked! You deserved a kudos! Thanks!



Are there any updates on this solution @hubspot?


Having to reply on Ops Hub and a Developer is not a fix for this scenario, it should be a standard feature. Are there any plans to roll this out?


Echoing others sentiment - A custom code soltuion is hardly 'delivered'.

Would be nice to have 'round robin' & 'custom' routing options within a team. The 'Custom' option could then house the %'s neccessary for uneven lead distribution.