Rotating leads with fixed distribution percentages



We're currently stuck with the following scenario: 


We want to distribute leads randomly to reps A, B and C. 

Rep A receives 20% of leads, rep B 40% and rep C 40%.


This is currently not possible in the system. 

The random attribution is important to us, i.e. we cannot solve it through IF branches. 

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When onboarding new sales reps, we only want to send them 50% of the leads an experienced rep has. Instead of rotating leads evenly, it would be great if we could assign 30% to this rep, 20% to another, etc. 

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I have a little php app that will do this for you using webhooks and the API, PM me for more details

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Anyone come up with anything for this?

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Hey Hubspot this is something we could definitely use. 

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This is definitely something worth having since we are looking at having full time reps vs part time reps vs independent contractors. Each should have different amounts of leads assigned to them. Please HubSpot, send to development.

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We have a custom PHP script doing this now, via the API, requires a pro account that has webhook/API capablity

Contact me if interested, we can also customize to your needs.



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This feature would make our busines function WAY better. We would really love this. 

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Hi Erin, send me a PM and I will see if I can help you.