Room for improvement with Lead Flows

Hi there!


I work in a HubSpot partner acency and in the beginning we were thrilled about integrating the lead flows with the websites of our clients. 

Doing exactly that, we faced many problems with the setting up. 


1. there are not enough design options
We had to change the fonts, font-styles, font-colours, background colours very time-consuming in the CSS file. 


2. the possibilities for the form fields should be extended

Now one can only add 4 fields and no tick-boxes or drop-down menu. Nice to have would be an option for smart-field.


3. Workflows have to be set up separatly

It would be handy if you could define the workflows directly in the lead flow creation


4. You can't clone a lead flow and changes can only be saved with the final step

As well we would appreciate the possibility to clone a lead flow or just work on a draft before finishing the lead flow.

We hope, that there are some improvements in the pipeline and are happy for feedback, if there is already a solution to one of our problems.

Best Regards.

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I agree! Lead flows definitely needs some improvement. I'd also like to see more analytics features. 

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Agreed! These features, including more analytics, would make lead flows so much better!!!

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I would like to edit the fonts of the lead flows. It would be really useful!

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Would like to add in here also the ability to install tracking pixels directly into Lead Flows at different stages (especially from Facebook) so we can better track conversions! 


Also would like to reiterate the ability to change design features, especially font, so brand guidelines can be matched/met.