Rolling tasks

I would be ideal with a way of making tasks repeat itself. Let's say you have sold a product to a client that demands you do something on the same date each month. 


Right now you would have to create each task (not being able to clone tasks) and set them for the future date. 


So it could be cool with a function that makes a task repeat itself. 

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Recurring tasks are a basic function in most CRM and should certainly be included in Hubspot.

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@sz9t52 it is not - confirmed by Hubspot support. 

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I know it is not currently available - my point was that it is a basic function in most CRMs.


There is another idea submitted for Recurring Tasks.  It has 364 Upvotes - it says it is in Planning...

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@sz9t52 gotcha. Thanks for the heads up. Will go and upvote it Smiley Happy

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Agreed. The queue is OK, but I'd like to mark each task as complete rather than leave it unmarked and rolling.