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Rolling Date for dashboard reports



It would be great if the rolling date range allows for data of current day to be shown as well instead of the past xx days. 

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I fully agree with Brina, we need a rolling date range to include today too.


Our team who use the dashboard will own be able to follow up on contacts who do a certain action today, tomorrow.



We need something of a filter for:


Date is before xx days.


I'm new to Hubspot and am loving it compared to Salesfore!  I have finished importing/scrubbing my data and have been setting up Reports and Dashboards and have encountered this issue and see it as the first serious defect with Hubspot.  Dashboard reports are important for management/executives, and not having "Today" included in the Dashboard Reports when you use a "Rolling Date Range" filter basically means that all of today's changes don't roll up and display until the midnight of that day.

I would think this would be an obvious design spec.  I'm having trouble comprehending a business use case where by anyone would want a "Rolling Date Range" data filter to exclude the current day.  Unless there's a legitimate reason for this design choice, I'd consider this a bug 🐛

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This would be useful, it is not practical to have to update dates using the Before or After a specific date. This creates a reporting nightmare and daily task to update all reports. 

Examples of reports trying to create:

  • Last activity is greater than XX # of days ago 


Are there any updates on this basic reporting functionality? 




Hi Hubspot Team!


Is there any update on the status of this reporting function?  Without the ability to view today's values in a "rolling X days" date range makes reporting inaccurate and is time consuming to consistently update date ranges, as previous users have mentioned, or toggle between "rolling X days" & "today" to get real values. 



I'm surprised this isn't a thing already


Hi Hubspot team!


Any update on this feature ?




Also in desperate need of a rolling, dynamic date range for report.
Wanting to display all clients who have not been contacted in the last 6 months for a monthly KPI report.
Currently using "Last Contacted" and changing the date manually each month, would prefer if it could do it automatically.  Function is there for 30/60/90 days, can we add 180 days please?


Like others in this thread, I'm looking to build a report that highlights Contacts who have not had activity in the last 7 days. I did find a resolution to this problem, though it's a fair bit of extra work. It would be much easier to add Report options for Contacts and Companies that match the date filters available for Deals, which do have a rolling date:


Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 2.59.22 PM.png


Right now this doesn't seem possible given the filter options. You can filter on Last Activity Date being in the last 14 days (the opposite of what I want) using the IS filter:


Is filterIs filter


There's unfortunately no "is not" equivalent that would invert those selections (i.e.: Last Activity Date is not in the last 14 days). The Before option requires a hard coded date, which doesn't give an option for a rolling window:


Is before filterIs before filter


The challenge could also be solved by having that filter be a drop-down of options (i.e.: Last Activity Date is before 14 days) with a "Custom date" option.

The resolution for now appears to be:


  1. Add a new Property to your Contact records. I called mine Aging and made it a Yes/No Checkbox.
  2. Create a new Workflow. Set the Trigger to Last Activity Date on Contacts is > x days. Add a single action to Set Property Value of Aging to Yes.
  3. Create a second new Workflow. Set the Trigger to Last Activity Date on Contacts is < x days. Add a single action to Set Property Value of Aging to No.

At this point all of your Contacts should have the right value in Aging. You can now include that in your Reports and you should have the right records show up.


An alternate approach that also works if you have Lists in your subscription:


  • Make a new List
  • Set the List criteria to Last Activity Date is before x days ago
  • Create a Report on Contacts with the filter on List Membership field set to your new List
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I fully support this feature. 
As an experienced software developer, analytics and reporting analyst Today() or Now() are one of the most important things in your reports and dashboards.


How HubSpot has not implemented this is really completely beyond my imagination to understand.


That Now() is 5 or 10 minutes old due to performance, timing etc. is fine for almost all uses in HubSpot, but not that you cannot pull as dashboard with a rolling range as from now and 7 or 14 days back in history.


@Brina - any links to someone at HubSpot who cares about this important GAP in the application?


Is there any update on this subject? Maybe another post about the same subject where Hubspot has confirmed it is on the roadmap?

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Don't hold your breath @TDriessen 

HubSpot does not make anything public here and makes sure not to read anything we write... At least that is my conclusion after trying for many years. 


I can't believe this bug has been present for at least 4 years now, and never been corrected/improved.

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My words exactly @saynuk for this and many similar bugs and gaps that we at uQualio have run into during our years with HubSpot. 

And this is part of why we are seriously considering leaving HubSpot. Too many things and nothing happening like you see here.


unbelievable how much we should wait to get it