Rolling Date Property Options


When selecting filtering or workflowing with a property that's a date, we have several options for property fields. Though, one that's missing that I wish we had would be a rolling date feature. 


For example, giving the option of "in the last: day/week/month/year" or "in the next: day/week/month/year" so that you don't have to constantly change the date ranges of reports to reflect those. 

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I can add to that. A rolling date range expressed in weeks and months showing the data of the complete weeks/months. Now rolling date range can only be expressed in days, giving results of incomplete months. 


Would be super helpful! Someone else suggested this specifically for Activity dates here:


Yes, we had this with Salesforce but not HS. We are looking to create reports with rolling dates like "last month, last year, current year, next year ect.. Please add this to the filter options.