Roll-back the property changes (undo) made by Import.


Possibility to revert changes made in contact properties by imported lists. Would help for example in cases where you have mistakenly imported a list that has had incorrect values and you would like to undo the changes it has made on contacts that you've already had in HubSpot with the correct values.

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Great idea! Until this is rolled out, you may want to check out this guide which walks through the different methods of reverting an import with a few simple steps. 


this would be helpful. lost our historic data

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It happened to us too.  An import with wrong data estructure modified our old registries and we would like to get back the real data.  In our case, the name and the last name was in the same field, so the updated registries had the lastname repeated. 

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Seconded! As a HubSpot Support Rep, this question has come up many many times. Although there is a workaround to export property history, update and reimport the file, this can be a huge time suck for customers, especially in an import with hundreds/thousands of rows, and many columns. I have had multiple customers who have spent hours working on fixing an incorrect import, when a feature like this would drastically reduce friction by condensing a multiple hour process into a 10 second action within HubSpot. 




Yes, please.

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Hi team,

Bumping this for a customer

Currently, there's the long workaround where we have to export property history , and then re-import the contact file into HubSpot to "revert" property history.

This is at best a workarond and super tedious. Would love to have the function to "reverse" bulk edited contacts somehow. Thanks!

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here, this is such an important feature.

Really hope we can have an update regarding this!