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Rework Order of Operations for More Accurate Data Sync Status Reporting (Netsuite)

HubSpot's (generally capable and very helpful) data sync is providing misleading sync status information. In a limited data sync like ours (HubSpot <-> Netsuite), data sync will indicate a record is Failing the sync instead of Excluded even when the record does not meet the sync criteria. For example, let's say there are five company records in Netsuite. 1 is matches the limiting critiera governing the sync and is synced correctly. 3 of the remaining 4 records are duplicates (1 valid, 2 dupes), and the 5th record is fully accurate but outside the scope of the sync, the sync status will show 1 In Sync, 2 Excluded and 2 in Failing when it should show 1 In Sync and 4 Excluded. The current design buries how many and which records are truly failing the sync as it is set up. When - like we do - an org has large record sets and a desire to sync only a small segment of them between systems, it is very difficult to surface the truly problematic records that need addressed. Would love to see this improved.