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Idea has also been presented here:


But also, a reverse timeline would be another option wherby the first activity is seen first, and this can be selected in the filter options.


Without this, we need to scroll through heaps of emails and activities, and sometimes there are double ups in replies as well causing confusion (and more scrolling!)

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Great idea @Dan_Alyka 


Hey Hubspot, help everyone out and make it happen! 

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And an example of where this is currently being used:


updated to: Being Reviewed
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The team is currently looking in to the best way to solve this. We would be curious to hear more about the use case. It seems there could be a few reasons for jumping to the bottom of the timeline: seeing the initial creation event, viewing the first user-logged activity, seeing the contact's first interaction with your website, reading through the timeline in chronological order without having to scroll all the way to the bottom, etc.


What is the primiary focus for your team? Feel free to send me a direct message if you would like to discuss this on a quick Zoom call as well!