Reverse Proxy Sandbox


Setting up reverse proxies can be cumbersome, and every network has it's own complexities.


There should be a sandbox micro site that can be used by hubspot users when initially configuring their reverse proxy settings. 

  • It could be any 3-4 page micro site
  • There should be robust error log reporting for the sandbox pages.
    • Any redirections should be reported, along with details or flags about HTTPS certifications. 
    • e.g, like _hcms/diagnostics 
      • more robust as might be needed to support reverse prox
      • available out of band as the page(s) may fail until setup is refined.
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Agreed, we tried to implement a reverse proxy and ran into issues.  We had to do an emergency backout.  This could have been mitigated if there had been a way to test.


Thanks @michelle24 and @rwong