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Revenue goal progress should account for and show deal splits allocations

Currently, if two or more users split a deal, the deal owner still gets 100% of the deal allocated towards their revenue goal progress. The other users get no allocations.


This makes little sense.


If a deal is split between two or more users, then the allocated % split of the deal should proportionally count against each user's individual revenue goals progress.

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Yes!  This!  The deal splits is great, but essentially useless if the percentages can't be applied to staff to track against their quota's.  Help!


Agree with everything said above!! We encourage team sales and want to be able to show this on sales to quota dashboards. 

Much like the comment above there is no point to having that in the system if there is not a data point to reflect on reports and be pulled into something like QuotaPath for tracking commission. 

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This is so needed. It's great that deal splits have been added as a feature, but it's useless unless it ties into goal reporting. 


We need this as well. We've moved our "actual" quota and commission reporting back into Excel because we have deals with splits this year.