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Revenue and Deal attribution reporting for Starter, and Pro tiers

Revenue attribution reporting is a great tool that enables enterprise sales and marketing teams to demostrate ROI, and in doing so provides an incredibly compelling reason to invest more in marketing, and grow their businesses.


But is it enterprise businesses that need revenue attribution reporting? As a HubSpot partner, I get to experience the use of HubSpot across a wide range of businesses, and it seems to me that smaller companies, where budgets are stretched, would benefit more from revenue attribution reports than those with bottomless pockets.


Gating this feature at an enterprise level does nothing to help real companies grow, and it threatens smaller businesses long-term investment in HubSpot.


Enabling revenue and deal attribution at a more affordable subscription level would give marketers and sales teams at growing organisations the help they need to succeed. It would help teams focus investment in areas that are providing solid returns, and would undoubtedly justify the use of HubSpot.

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Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Elite Partner

Yes, agreed. At least for Pro tiers. 


This needs to be enabled for the professional level, not just enterprise. How else can marketing correctly align their actions to sales outcomes?