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 The revenue analytics need to have a couple of features to be able to do the significant job of calculating NRR.


1. customized so we can have a beginning of balance and end of balance.

2. be able to separate churn and downgrade instead of one big block with lost revenue.  

3. be able to add it to a dashboard 

4. be able to export it 



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Revenue analytics needs to allow you to set the start date based on values other than deal Close Date. For most, deal Close Date represents the booking of a deal. Revenue recognition can start at a different date, in our case it is based on property we call License Start Date. Please notify me when this functionality is available.

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Agree with @SMains - I'm looking for the capability to set the Start Date too, since this is unlikely to coincide with the Closed Won Date of the Deal. I may win the Deal in August, but revenue is more likely due to come in next month or later.


Also, why is this feature not related to Line Items on the Quote? I have a client where two or more teams contribute Services to a Deal, so I have a separate recurring revenue product for each (monthly retainer). We need to see recurring revenue for each Line Item, not the entire Deal. You add Monthly Amount and Frequency to the Line Item in the Quote, so we need to explode that view so you can see the dates when that revenue is due per Product. A Revenue Schedule that also includes recurring and one-off fees.


Having to manually add the overall retainer amount to the Deal doesn't seem to be an elegant solution when the data is already available in the Line Item object... ?


Completely agree. There are also some fundamental problems/limitations too. Some of these lead to the MRR being inaccurate. 


1. When you have a renewal, the original deal shows in your MRR totals instead of the renewal

2. A subsequent upgrade or downgrade to the renewal ultimately breaks the report, and the totals are no longer accurate (this has been validated by support, too!) - there is a hack and requires the Hubspot knowledge base to be updated. 

3. Ability to export the raw data contributing to MRR to scrutinise accuracy 

4. Ability to toggle between ARR and MRR growth

5. Clearer reports on churn and revenue growth percentages