Revamp and Restrict Sales Tool Messages

There are a lot of problems with this tool as well as a number of features that should be added.


1. Give admins the ability to see who is online

2. Give admins the ability to kick people offline

3. Give reps the ability to pass chat users between themselves

4. Don't let it delete all route users when trying to delete just one

5. Don't have it make you available just by going to the tool

6. Give admins access to manage, but not necessarily require a seat to chat

7. Don't allow everyone with access to the tool to edit the messages

8. Have action rather than a static picture to draw attention to the fact that is a chat window

9. Give people the ability to take more than one chat if they want to

10. Have calls routed to owners with a back up individual/more options for backup/routing

11. Possibility to canned responses

12. Ability for chat users to rate reps

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi @cameron-corniuk! To help us best track the community interest on each idea and keep statuses up to date, the best practice is to file each individual suggestion as a separate post. Many of the things you've listed already have posts (see examples here and here). Please upvote any ideas you support and feel free to file new separate ideas for anything that's not covered!