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Retrieve Object Schema Property History

We've had many clients who have asked for the ability to retrieve Object schema history. I am not referring to version history for specific records, which I'm aware can be accomplished through some of the older v1 APIs. 

For example, a user changes/deletes a few properties on the Contact schema. We want to find the user_id of the person that made these changes. I don't know of a way to do this currently through either the UI or APIs. 

Changes of this nature can have a significant impact on a company's HubSpot instance, so it's important that we're able to retrieve data surrounding these kind of events to have as full a view as possible of what occurred. 

There appears to be an account history report you can export via the UI, described in the doc HERE

The feature described above seems to provide a history of just about everything except what I'm looking for. Building on top of this would seem like the way to go. Or better yet, allow us to track this kind of thing through the APIs as well. 

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changes/archives a few properties** not deletes, for accuracy.